This Chicago Tax Attorney is The Bachelor's New "Prosecutie"

“I’m a little nervous. I mean, who wants to see their attorney dressed in lingerie on a TV show?” 

Kelley Flanagan said while on set for The Bachelor during a lingerie-clad pillow fight. She is one of a group of ladies vying for a shot at love with Peter Weber in ABC’s newest season of The Bachelor.

Flanagan isn’t the typical reality TV star. Far from it. She left a steady job as a tax attorney at her father’s property tax law firm Flanagan | Bilton in Chicago, to join the ABC hit show. The firm is run by her dad, Thomas Flanagan Sr, along with Tom Jr., her sister Pamela, John and Michael – all of the Flanagan family.

Stay up to date on the latest from The Bachelor’s “Prosecutie” via her Twitter account, @kelleyflanagan .