Medical Marijuana Seller in Michigan Put Away, Judge says 'to Heck' with State Laws

Judge says Federal Laws Haven't Changed and Sentences Dispensary Owner

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“States are changing marijuana laws across the country, certainly that’s true, but federal law has not changed,” U.S. District Judge Paul Maloney told the court today.

Danny Trevino, from Lansing, Michigan awaited the verdict. He was represented by local Lansing defense attorney, Nicholas Bostic.

Trevino is no wallflower in Lansing. He’s been heavily involved with the medical marijuana scene in Michigan since at least 2010. An outspoken man, him and his son once announced they were running for city mayor with a goal of helping progress the state’s cannabis laws forward.

He’s no rookie when it comes to dealing with the law either. Back in 2013, MLive, the local news outlet interviewed Trevino after a recent raid on his, what he called “Service Center.” Trevino said after the raid,

“I was there when the state police came in to conduct their raid, and it was a standard raid,” Trevino said. “We have been through so many now. I think we have been through 10.”

from (2013)

“We are not hiding. We are successful, and we already beat six charges…We are going to show them. We beat them in Jackson, we beat five charges in Lansing, and then we will beat them in Mount Pleasant and then beat them in Jackson again.” – (2013)

But today things turned out quite differently for Trevino.

The District Judge sentenced him to nearly 15 years and 8 months in prison. MLive reports that Trevino “was convicted in an August jury trial of 10 felony charges, including conspiracy to manufacture, distribute and possess marijuana and maintaining a drug-involved premises.”

The fact that recreational marijuana is legal in Michigan held no weight in the case, according to the judge. But they did add that he was operating outside of the boundaries of the state medical-marijuana law as well.

Bostic, his defense attorney told the court, “He thought he was legal.”

Perhaps a more well-versed cannabis law attorney could have made a case for Trevino’s innocence but without the details it’s tough to say.

“I fully recognize that the landscape has changed in many states in this country,” Judge Maloney said. “The fact is, marijuana is a Schedule 1 controlled substance.”

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