So, Who is the Most Reviewed Lawyer on Avvo?

Traffic Ticket and Divorce Lawyers Get the Most Reviews

Avvo was founded in Seattle by the former general counsel for Expedia, Mark Britton. To get the company launched, Britton consulted with Rich Barton, the founder of Expedia and also Avvo is today’s most built out online directory of lawyers and quickly became the most efficient way for people in need of legal services to find attorneys online.

It makes sense that Avvo was, in a way, born out of Zillow. Both websites have seized on the opportunity to take data that was already available (home data from town offices for Zillow and lawyer information from state bars for Avvo) and put in online in an easy to digest format.

Avvo was eventually acquired by Internet Brands in 2018.

Since it’s widespread adoption online, thousands of attorneys on Avvo have put a significant amount of time and energy into their profiles in hopes that potential clients can find them easily with a couple of clicks.

One way to do this is to encourage reviews from past clients.

We thought it would be an interesting project to find out which lawyers have gone above and beyond in this regard. Which lawyer has garnered the most Avvo reviews?

We began by searching in the top metro areas. We ran across an attorney in New York City who mostly helps clients resolve traffic tickets. He was categorized as a Criminal Defense Attorney, attorney Gary Miller has a staggering 542 reviews.

Turns out, he wasn’t even top three.

#3. Julio Marrero, Miami. 792 reviews.

Julio Marrero, a Miami based attorney practicing in several areas comes in at #3 with 792 reviews.


#2. Daniel Yaniv, New York. 1,311 reviews.

Ranking second in the most-reviewed Avvo Attorneys list is Daniel Yaniv. Yaniv runs a law firm based in NYC that focuses on family law, particularly divorce law. He maintains a built out website at . Yaniv has 1,311 reviews on the site.


We knew there had to be one attorney on Avvo who just took it to another level. So where did we look? The birthplace of Avvo was Seattle, Washington. So it made sense to search there. We thought that maybe one attorney had seen Avvo early and gotten involved before the crowd. Dan Samas is that attorney.

#1. Dan Samas, Seattle. 1,637 reviews.

“Since 1995, Dan Samas has successfully defended thousands of motorists in areas like Seattle in speeding and traffic ticket cases. ” Samas’ website :


Samas takes the #1 most reviewed Avvo Attorney spot with 1,637 reviews.

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