Event: The Offshore Alert Conference in Miami Beach is Heating Up πŸ’΄

Photo: Scene from the Offshore Alert Conference in Miami Beach. (source: OffshoreAlert.com)

This April, Miami Beach will be hosting an event unlike any other. To help explain what goes down at the Offshore Alert Conferences, just read how financial crime expert, Jack Blum, describes the scene:

“It’s like that famous bar in β€˜Star Wars’, where they all come together β€” the good guys, the bad guys, the seriously guilty β€” and they all exchange information on neutral territory.”– Jack Blum

Offshore Alert, since 1997, has focused on exposing fraud in high-value international finance deals, off-shore banking, and now cryptocurrency.

The event is run by renowned journalist David Marchant.

His journalism has and continues to ruffle feathers in certain parts of the world, ie., the Cayman Islands. In fact, The Wall Street Journal once wrote that because of Marchant’s investigative journalism, “11 people have been charged with crimes…of which five had been jailed.”

He’s a busy man but we were able to connect recently. I asked Marchant to share his thoughts on Offshore Alert, why it’s important, and the hot-button topic: cryptocurrency.

Why Offshore Alert?

DM: “OffshoreAlert specializes in exposing investment fraud while it’s in progress and putting criminal organizations out of business. At various times since our launch in 1997, there have been many ‘products du jour’ that fraudsters have based their scams around, including prime bank guarantees, offshore CDs, day trading, binary options, and forex trading. For the last few years, it’s been cryptocurrency.”

“Regardless of the product, the fraudsters’ sales pitch is always the same … ‘this is a guaranteed way of making high returns while doing little or no work and without assuming any risk’.

“It is, of course, nonsense … a lie that appeals to the lazy, greedy, and gullible, of which there is seemingly an endless supply.”

Thoughts on Cryptocurrency?

DM: “I view all cryptocurrencies and ICOs as either fraudulent or hopeless … an unregulated playground for crooks and their prey. Cryptocurrencies are responsible for more fraud – by amount of losses – than any other single product in the history of finance.”

Who Should Attend?

DM: “The OffshoreAlert Conference on financial intelligence and investigations is designed to let attendees know what’s going on in high-value, cross-border finance so that they can exploit opportunities. The event is aimed at fraud and asset recovery specialists, insolvency practitioners, litigation funders, professional service providers, regulators, law enforcement, and victims who are in need of expert assistance.” – David Marchant.

Here’s more information on the details in case you are as intrigued as I am.

When & Where

The next Offshore Alert Conference will be held April 19-21 in Miami Beach. Find the website here.

One special session will be presented by two partners from the newly formed Roche, Cyrulnik and Freedman: Kyle Roche and Velvel Freedman. The session is entitled: “Cryptocurrency Fraud: Inside ‘The Largest Bubble in Human History” .

The session will discuss “a class action complaint filed at federal court in New York accusing Bitfinex and Tether of creating “the largest bubble in human history” and perpetrating a securities and money laundering scam whose damages “likely surpasses $1.4 trillion U.S. dollars…

The attorneys who filed the action will explain how the alleged scheme works, legal issues, size of losses, number of victims, and likelihood of a meaningful recovery of assets.” – Offshorealert.com