Launched in 2020, The Industry Lawyer is an independent digital media resource covering the leading entrepreneurs and attorneys in emerging industries such as cannabis, blockchain, esports and cybersecurity.

We particularly focus on the intersection of law and industry. Each day our team interviews leading industry professionals, the people who’ve launched their own successful law firms and companies. Our mission is to tell their stories and connect emerging companies to vetted, leading attorneys in their respective industries.

We are passionate about entrepreneurship and delivering quality content, profiles and interviews highlighting the lawyers and entrepreneurs who are moving their industries forward. We will only feature professionals who have been referred to us by their peers, entrepreneurs, scientists or via our own independent research.

We believe that our duty is to separate the wheat from the chaff. There are a lot lawyers and entrepreneurs eager to jump into new, exciting industries, but few who have what it takes to attain long term success.

With state and federal regulations constantly changing in these emerging industries it has become quite a challenge for businesses to navigate these laws successfully. Our goal is simple, to provide a resource for companies to learn about and connect with top lawyers who stay one step ahead of the changing laws.