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The way we do business is evolving at light-speed. The Industry Lawyer Feed features stories of business lawyers who live on the cutting-edge, at the intersection of industry and law. Learn about their professional journey, listen to their stories and take their business advice here.👇

An interview with leading Alaska cannabis industry lawyer Jana Weltzin. She shares her thoughts on the cannabis industry in AK and offers advice to entrepreneurs.
In this interview with Hollywood's cannabis lawyer, Brandon Dorsky talks about his legal practice and the future of the cannabis industry.
Former HBO GC, Eve Konstan, joins the music streaming platform, Spotify, this May.
With his Detroit, Michigan based business law firm growing rapidly, cannabis law attorney Scott Roberts shares advice to entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry in this exclusive interview.
Goodwin Aldarondo, a cannabis law attorney from San Juan, Puerto Rico talks about the burgeoning cannabis industry in Puerto Rico and what lies ahead.

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